An Association of Efficient Mining by Compressed Database

Anjani Pandey, Gayatri Singh



Data mining can be viewed as a result of the natural evolution of information technology. The spread of computing has led to an explosion in the volume of data to be stored on hard disks and sent over the Internet. This growth has led to a need for data compression, that is, the ability to reduce the amount of storage or Internet bandwidth required to handle the data. This paper analysis the various data mining approaches which is used to compress the original database into a smaller one and perform the data mining process for compressed transaction such as M2TQT,PINCER-SEARCH algorithm, APRIORI & ID3 algorithm, TM algorithm, AIS & SETM, CT-Apriori algorithm, CBMine, CTITL algorithm, FIUT- Tree. Among the various  techniques M2TQT uses the relationship of transactions to merge related transactions and builds a quantification table to prune the candidate item sets which are impossible to become frequent in order to improve the performance of mining association rules. Thus M2TQT is observed to perform better than existing approaches.


Quantification table, Association Mining, Marge Transitions.

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