Genetic Algorithms: A Technique For Cryptography Real Time Data Transmission

Prempratap Singh, Gouri Gosawi, Sulakshana Dubey



The growing adoption of Internet for business applications has exposed users to unwanted risks andattacks. Now more than ever, we find individuals/corporate houses exchanging critical informationover the Internet. However, a lack of security infrastructure makes this information exchangevulnerable to outside intervention. To meet these challenges, businesses are opting for modernsecurity measures, such as e-security. E-security measures are designed to preserve theconfidentiality and integrity of the usersÊ data on the Internet.We introduce a new approach for esecurityapplications using the concept of genetic algorithms with pseudorandom sequence toencrypt and decrypt data stream. The feature of such an approach includes high data security andhigh feasibility for easy integration with commercial multimedia transmission applications. Anexperiment is performed in which several images are encrypted and decrypted. The experimentalresults show that the proposed technique achieved high throughput rate that is fast enough for realtime data protection.


Cryptography, Pseudo-random Sequence, Genetic Algorithms.

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