Genetic And Environmental Factors In Disorders Of Sexual Differentiation- True Hermaphrodite

radhika krishnan



The purpose of the study is to find out the prevalence of disorders of sexual development in our population, the common anomaly prevalent and the genetic and environmental factors in the causation of disorders. Very few studies with the exception of a few case reports are present to document the incidence of True Hermaphroditism in the spectrum of genetic anomalies of the external Genitalia. This study tries to document this in our society.

In our study of 300 cases of Ambiguous Genitalia over a period of 3 years there was only 1 case of True Hermaphroditism. A phenotypically male individual with unilateral testis (left side) and ultrasound showing gonad on the right groin which was an ova-testis with mullerian remnant through laparotomy. This shows a 0.333% of True Hermaphroditism out of the 300 cases of Ambiguous Genitalia.

Such studies would provide better ability to plan prenatal diagnostic methods and to plan genetic counseling and preventive methods in affected families.


Ambiguous Genitalia – True Hermaphrodite – Factors – Genetic, Environmental


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