Phytochemical evaluation and antioxidant assay of ethanolic extracts of traditional medicinal plants (Ferula assafoetida, Saussurea costus, Peganum harmala) in oman

S Hemadri Reddy, Aysha Al-Weheib, Halima Al Shekaili, Rehab Al-Naabi



Ferula assafoetida, Saussurea costus and  Peganum harmala are considered an important traditional folk medicines in Oman, extracts of these plants were screened for assessing bioactive phytochemical constituents and their antioxidant property. Total phenolic and flavonoid contents were evaluated to explore the reliable and potential sources of novel natural antioxidants. Preliminary phytochemical screening of different plant extracts and phytochemical investigation showed variations in the presence and amount of active ingredients. All the fractions of P.harmala, S.costus and F.assafoetida have flavonoid and phenolic compounds, whereas, the highest amount was found in F.assafoetida which was 0.370, 0.053 mg/ml respectively. Under antioxidant study the H2O2 free radical scavenging potential and Phosphomolybdate assay were studied in vitro for the determination of antioxidant activity. However S. costus extract showed the highest scavenging percentages 89%. In Phosphomolybdate assay Ferula assafoetida has a very good antioxidant potential due to   phenolic and flavonoid components.


Phytochemical evaluation, antioxidant study, phosphomolybdate assay, free radical scavenging

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