Consistency pattern of liver functioning, Serum proteins and Genomic DNA in hematological malignancies: A comparative clinical study in 4 Cases of Chronic and Acute Leukemia’s

C. S. Senthilkumar, Ujjwala Kulkarni, Sameena Akhter, N Ganesh



The study is aimed to reveal the status of disease markers in hematological malignancies (chronic and acute leukemia’s). Relative liver functioning, distribution of serum proteins and genomic DNA concentration were studied for consistency pattern in leukemia patients. Blood samples collected from 4 different leukemia patients (CML, AML, CLL and ALL) received first line chemotherapy and analyzed for liver functioning (SGOT and SGPT) in serum samples through automated analyzer. Serum protein electrophoresis was carried out as per our laboratory standardization in 1% agarose gel and proteins were stained with Amido black 10 B and quantified through densitometer.
Genomic DNA was isolated from the peripheral blood and electrophoresed in 0.8% agarose gel with two λ DNA markers of different size. Purity was checked by quantification at 260
nm in UV - spectrophotometer.

SGOT and SGPT were highly elevated in acute leukemia’s (AML and ALL) than chronic cases (CML). Serum protein alterations indicated hypo γ-globulinemia in chronic leukemia’s (CML and CLL). High incidence of hyper and hypo α1-globulinemia observed in both acute and chronic leukemia’s. α2-globulin and β1, β2-globulin was elevated only in AML. DNA fragments obtained from CML, AML, CLL and ALL patients were more than10 kb in size. Additionally, 150 bp smeared DNA fragment was obtained in CML.

Our study observed an elevated and consistency pattern of SGOT and SGPT levels in acute leukemia cases as an index of liver cell injury due to malignancy progression and as the side effects of chemotherapy. Serum proteins revealed hyper α1-globulinemia in both acute and chronic cases indicated the possibilities of immune system alterations in malignant disease. Decrease in γ-globulin has suggested the loss of immunity in chronic cases. Increased DNA concentration in CML suggested their malignancy transformation.
150bp smeared DNA fragment of CML may be circulated from the malignant cell origin. The alterations observed in LFT, serum protein and DNA is due to the uncontrollable disease progression and as well as their response to chemotherapy. However, due to the inadequate sample size, the present study is unable to conclude the observed pattern as markers of leukemia.

Keywords: Hematological malignancies, Leukemia, Disease markers, Consistency pattern, Liver functioning, Serum Protein profile, Genomic DNA.


Hematological malignancies, Leukemia, Biomarkers for Consistency pattern, Liver functioning, Serum Protein expression profile, Genomic DNA.


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