A Roadmap: Designing and Construction of Data Warehouse

Dinesh Moriya, Gouri Gosawi

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5138/bjdmn.v5i1.1640


Data warehousing is not about the tools. Rather, it is about creating a strategy to plan, design, and construct a data store capable of answering business questions. Good strategy is a process that is never really finished; A defined data warehouse development process provides a foundation for reliability and reduction of risk. This process is defined through methodology. Reliability is pivotal in reducing the costs of maintenance and support. The data warehouse development enjoys high visibility; many firms have concentrated on reducing these costs. Standardization and reuse of the development artifacts and the deliverables of the process can reduce the time and cost of the data warehouseÊs creation. In todayÊs business world,data warehouses are increasingly being used to help companies make strategic business decisions. To understand how a warehouse can benefit you and what is required to manage a warehouse, you must first understand how a data warehouse is constructed and established.


Data Mining,Assocation Mining,Data werehouseing

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